go your own way

a revolution in powered wheelchairs has arrived!

True All-Terrain Living

No matter who you are or where you want to go the Magic 360 can take you there.

Rugged Outdoors

Take in all the thrill of off-road with the Magic 360 paired with Off-road knobby wheels.  If you’re up for the challenge of hiking, bush bashing or getting off the beaten track, Magic’s renowned robustness and toughness will get you there. You’ll be able to take on dirt paths, long grass, muddy tracks, dips and divots. Pair it with a fishing rod holder and a luggage rack, and you’re set.

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Adventurous Outdoors

Flexibility is key and when paired with Crossover wheels you can seamlessly move from on-road to off-road and indoors with ease. The Magic 360 will let you take on dirt roads, gravel, mulch, muddy fields and parks. For those who have a sense of adventure this is your chance to live the life you’ve always wanted. The Magic 360 is one revolution that’s easy to join.

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City challenges

Navigating cobbled streets, gutters, footpaths and city transport? No problem in the Magic 360.  Moving through narrow spaces and accessing the high life with a lift? We’ve got you covered. The Magic 360 is a sleek and stylish solution to the challenges your city throws at you. Coupled with Urban wheels and neat body looks you’re set to take on city living in style. All aboard the Magic 360 powerchair revolution!

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Tight indoors

Navigating tight corners and small rooms is a dream in the Magic 360. The compact body gives you complete control in those tight indoor spaces and when you need to tackle your day ahead – school, work, shopping or play – the Magic 360 seamlessly moves you from day to night and everything in between when coupled with Crossover wheels. Get the ultimate flexibility you need to handle the daily obstacles of your world. 

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Magic 360 Features that set the standard

Packed with true all-terrain features that truly respond to whatever adventure you’re seeking, from tackling off-road challenges to indoor obstacles.

more manoeuvrable

610-660mm (24-26") wide base makes it the most compact off-roader.

go further

Flexibility is key - and three different wheel styles open up your world like never before.

smooths the bumps

Improved all-wheel suspension gives you the smoothest ride yet across more terrain.

express your style

Take charge of your image and choose from 13 colours that best suit you.

customised power

Customise power options to your life and your needs. Travel 5kph/3mph with 12" lift.

australian design

Tough, robust Australian engineering built for challenging terrain.

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* The Magic 360 is currently available for trial and sale in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Poland only.  It will be released in other parts of Europe throughout 2021 and in the USA in early 2022. Please continue to check our site for availability in your local area.